Adoro vestidos e sinto falta de marcas com mais opções de estilo, principalmente dentro do segmento retrô. Com o sucesso que objetos de decoração estilo 50’s e 60’s fazem, acho que estava na hora de aparecer alguma marca investindo em linhas kitsch-pop-pin-ups.

Descobri hoje a Sunday Brunch, que só vende vestidos de vários designers. Todos caros, ok. Mas, lindos. E o melhor são as descrições, como as abaixo.

 Yoana Baraschi Jewel Babe Dress

This is like a dream out of Dynasty. We just need a bad(ass) perm, stick on nails and blue eye shadow…and action! Drama will come naturally no doubt. This is the kind of dress that will attract drama. Just look at those shoulders. Better than all the padding in the world. Hammered silk with a fabulous jewel-esque print. This dress is for a drama queen; a jewel babe (enter Alexis and cue dramatic music).

 IVANAhelsinki Paige Dress

Ivana embodied a sweet rebel spirit in this dark denim vest dress. You know, that girl you hated to love. A stiff dark rinse denim gives this dress a rough edgy shape while hand painted golden stars makes Paige sweet enough for meeting the parents. Wear this as a dress all on its own or as a blazer or vest over a simpler dress silhouette.

Keemia Audrey Dress

We dub this “Rumpled Sexy.” Those women who look like they don’t care and don’t try but that’s obviously not the case. They’re on the brink of disheveled, but why they do they look so good? There’s something about them. Just like there’s something about this dress. Yes, the daring plunge between the sweetheart neckline. But we think it’s the soft peach net that “covers” the skin (but obviously doesn’t) as if leaving that to the imagination. Look but don’t touch. Likewise, the rest of the dress could have been straight and neat, but instead the designer wanted something more. We’re just not straight and neat girls. We’ve got edges.

Lorick Peek Dress in Steve’s Prairie

Sometimes a woman just can’t decide if she likes print or solid, cotton or silk. That’s why we love Lorick for not making us choose. Silk pleated panels in Steve’s Prairie print add contrast and volume to the rich classic Purple Oyster to an otherwise simple sleeveless number. The dress is lined with its own pale pink slip for extra movement of the gorgeous fabric. Pockets and matching belt!